Golden Sphagnum Moss for orchids.

Golden Sphagnum Moss, the best natural sponge, ideally suited for growing beautiful orchids.

Mibiomi Patches

Sphagnum Moss for orchid care
direct to you from Chile

You can depend on us for your supply of quality Sphagnum Moss for Orchids and other uses. Both large and small wholesalers and producers regularly and confidently buy from us. And small home "hobby" growers are also welcome to purchase.

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Our prices are hard to beat for sustainably harvested Sphagnum Moss, because we have our own factory and moss supply for harvest, drying and packaging your Sphagnum Moss. After being harvested from the pristine Sphagnum Moss swamps in southern Chile by our workers, it comes directly to our factory for processing. Then, we export directly to you! There are no middlemen in this chain. You buy direct from us.

We are a leading innovator in sustainable Sphagnum Moss production and our range of packing styles and moss products has been copied around the world.
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Remember you can depend on us for fast, courteous, reliable delivery of your Sphagnum Moss in any quantity. From fully loaded international shipping containers to small packets of Sphagnum Moss delivered to your home by regular mail. Place your order here.

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