sphagnum moss for orchids

With customers in 15 countries, we set the standard for quality, innovative packaging and highly specialized sphagnum moss products for orchid care..

Los Volcanes are leading international sphagnum moss innovators

LOS VOLCANES CHILE has pioneered the development of the Sphagnum Moss Industry in Chile. Since 1994 our Partners have brought together Moss Technology from New Zealand and Innovative Moss Production in Chile, in order to utilize the vast Moss Resource of southern Chile. This, combined with our special attention to our Sphagnum Moss Customers needs, has allowed us to introduce and market Chilean Sphagnum Moss worldwide (more than 15 countries), and to create the Standards of the Chilean Moss Industry for Moss Quality, Innovative Packaging, and Specialized Sphagnum Moss Products.


Early in our history we participated in a Chilean Government Study that determined how to harvest Sphagnum Moss to assure it is a Sustainable and Renewable Resource that will be available for many years to come. We can harvest a Sphagnum Moss Swamp again only 3 years after first harvesting! The scientific name of our moss in Chile is Sphagnum Magellanicum, which re-grows very easily. We continue to put emphasis on Environmentally Friendly harvest systems and always assure our Sphagnum Moss Products are naturally dried by the Sun and Wind, and are Pure, Clean and nearly Antiseptic in nature.

location of mossOur Production Facilities are located in the 10th Region of Chile, near Puerto Varas, (see a view from the air) which is ideally suitable for access to the surrounding Sphagnum Moss Swamps. Our International Marketing Team is based in New Zealand and makes frequent visits to Chile to review all techniques and help develop new products.


We have participated in many International Orchid Expositions and pride ourselves with our excellent Orchid Grower Customers who produce some of the finest Orchids in the world. In addition, we are always looking for ways to produce new Sphagnum Moss and Orchid Care Products that will help solve our Customers problems in areas of Air Layering and Soil Mixes. Some of our recently developed Compressed Sphagnum Moss Products are very useful for:


Contact us if you are either a Large or a Small Orchid Grower, or a Orchid Hobbyist! We can arrange either a direct sale of Sea Container loads of Sphagnum Moss to your nearest Sea Port or can supply smaller Air Freight shipments of our Sphagnum Moss to your nearest Air Port. When necessary, we can refer you to our Sphagnum Moss Agents in Europe, Asia or the USA.