sphagnum moss starter squares for baby orchids

We constantly evaluate and develop NEW packing styles to suit the requirements of the Farmer and Orchid Grower, as well as the Hobbyist and Homemaker.

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Los Volcanes Chile Ltd. produces a wide and varied range of Sphagnum Moss GRADES and PACKSIZES. All designed to meet the specific requirements of you, our customer and the Orchid industry in general.

We select our Grades very carefully and are always looking for innovative and new ways to provide you with more cost effective Sphagnum Moss products.

Los Volcanes are constantly evaluating and developing NEW packing styles to suit the requirements of the Farmer or Orchid Grower as well as the Hobbyist, the Homemaker and the enthusiastic Home Gardener.


We produce three main grades of Sphagnum Moss:


Lower transport costs can be achieved by replacing the Traditional packing styles with our NEW MODERN INNOVATIVE PACKING styles for Sphagnum Moss. (Some of our products are available in small quantities for hobby growers.)

As you can see Sphagnum Moss is no longer a luxury item. If you buy your Sphagnum Moss supplies from Los Volcanes you and your plants can enjoy all the benefits of using freshly picked Sphagnum Moss at a reasonable price. Your PLANTS will LOVE you for it. We are happy to offer all these packsizes to both the Large Orchid Farmer and the Hobbyist or the Home Gardener alike. Just contact us and we will arrange a quote for whatever quantity you require from 40 foot container loads down to just a single pack of Sphagnum Moss.



Traditionally, Sphagnum Moss has been packed and shipped in 25kg or 30kg bales, and 3kg bags. But the continuing high cost of sea freight and Los Volcanes’ desire to provide you, the customer, with more cost effective moss prices has made these pack sizes less attractive to both the large commercial Orchid growers and the Home Gardener and the Hobby grower. We still pack these sizes, just tell us what you want.

Contact us and we will do our utmost to satisfy your requirements in a cost effective and timely manner.