orchids and sphagnum moss

#6: Uses for sphagnum moss

Sphagnum Moss in Air Layering Operations

One of the more novel and clever uses for Sphagnum Moss is as the “media” in producing new Plants by the very old system of Air Layering. This is useful for a variety of Plants, including Citrus Trees, Ficus Trees, etc. If you are doing Air Layering, then sphagnum moss can work for you!

Sphagnum moss is naturally sterile. This means it's great as an "air layering" media because it suppresses diseases naturally.

The first step in the process is to choose a nice branch for a potential plant,and irritate and damage the Bark of the mother plant. Then perhaps apply a bit of rooting hormone. Then, immediately, take a handful of Wet Sphagnum Moss and wrap it around the damaged area. Following that, wrap Aluminum Foil around the Sphagnum Moss to hold it in place. This simple technique(shown in the photos) finishes the preparation of the “rooting application” pack.

Check it out!


During the following weeks, the packs can be watered individually or with overhead sprayers…( to keep the Sphagnum Moss moist…) during which time the new roots begin to form. By monitoring root development, you can then cut the original mother plant stem just below the pack, and …MAGIC!….. you have a new Plant.

Our short fiber 3 STAR Sphagnum Moss is the perfect choice for this operation. In addition, we can make you special Compressed Sphagnum Moss “patches”, say 4 x 4 Inches, or whatever you like, and you can use those in a similar way to our Starter Squares for baby Orchids. Give it a try for your production! You’ll Like It! Contact Us if you have ideas or questions.