orchids and sphagnum moss

#4: Uses for sphagnum moss

Compressed sphagnum Moss Products

During the past 20 years or more, most End Users of Sphagnum Moss have considered it very important that the Moss Fibers be received in a dried, loose pack, so that the fiber is not broken and the Leaf not crushed.

This meant that most “traditional”Moss packs contained loosely packed fiber, and therefore were very light and bulky. Which made the Freight Costs high, since a typical Sea Freight Container would be extremely light and well under the allowed weight.

LOS VOLCANES CHILE has made many attempts to reduce costs, conducting numerous trials with different levels of compressed moss. We have been delighted with the results. Our Sphagnum Moss is extremely resilient and capable of re-hydration after being compressed. This has allowed us to move to our heavier 5, 10 and 40 Kg Bulk Packs with the subsequent lower freight costs that save you, our Customer, money!

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In addition, the compact Moss is easier to store, and much more economical to ship on to other customers. Many of our large Commercial Orchid Growers now routinely order Moss in the compressed 5 and 10 Kg Packs, because they are delighted with the quality outturn and the cost savings available.

We have also designed new Super-Compressed Packs in 500 gm, 1 Kg and 3 Kg Packs that allow our Retail Customers to take advantage of the concept.

Once received, the Moss is simply soaked in water for a few hours (Watch it Expand!) and then used normally for your Growing Operations. The ultimate in compaction application is with our Starter Squares and other unique custom squares and circles that suit some customers who wish to add our Sphagnum Moss to their Mixing Machines. Another application is in rectangular thin sheets, for lining Planter Boxes, and of course in our Hanging Basket Liners. Ask for more information if you have a special requirement.

We would enjoy hearing from you with a new idea for Moss application. We can usually design something to meet your requirements.