orchids and sphagnum moss

#3: Uses for sphagnum moss

Golden Sphagnum Moss Liners For Hanging Baskets

Hugely successful and low cost Flowering Hanging Baskets can easily be achieved now that we produce the Golden Sphagnum Moss Hanging Basket Liners. They are so easy to use. Just fold the golden sphagnum moss LINER into your hanging basket and add your choice of top quality peat soil mix. Plant your plants of choice and THEN water the whole basket, LINER and all. Always do the watering last, after planting. DO NOT wet the golden sphagnum moss LINER before planting.

The added benefit of golden sphagnum moss LINERS is that you can have INSTANT COLOUR and INSTANT SUCCESS by SIDE PLANTING the golden sphagnum moss LINER. Side planting is so easy, truly, just place the LINER in your hanging basket and cut the side wall with a knife in the side wall in the shape of a “x”. Insert your plants, through the middle of your cut, roots first from the outside of the basket pushing the roots in towards the centre of the basket. Repeat the process five or seven times depending on the size of your basket. Then plant the top of your basket.

INSTANTLY you will have a basket with flowers on the top as well as flowers all around the sides. INSTANT COLOUR. Then just water your golden sphagnum moss hanging basket.

Golden sphagnum moss hanging basket liners LOOKS natural because they are NATURAL. Golden sphagnum moss LINERS hold water naturally, up to twenty times its own weight.

This is the secret to the success of the hanging basket which uses the golden sphagnum moss liner. The flowering plants use a lot of water while they are flowering and the golden sphagnum moss LINER provides a natural water reserve for the plants during this time, reducing the stress on the flowering plants and making it easier for you to keep the hanging basket flowering for a long time.

Click for more information on our golden sphagnum moss hanging basket LINERS. Good Luck with your planting.