orchids and sphagnum moss

#1: Uses for sphagnum moss

Sphagnum Moss and Orchid Production

In Asia it is generally recognised that Golden Sphagnum Moss is a most suitable growing medium for orchids. The golden sphagnum moss allows the orchid roots to breath whilst at the same time keeping the orchid roots moist. Thus the golden sphagnum moss reduces the risk of disease in these most precious orchid plants.

In ancient China it used to be that only the Emperor could own an orchid plant. No matter who had grown it, they never owned it and the Emperors servants could come and call for it at any time. It was regarded as a very high honour indeed for the Emperor to claim an orchid that you had breed and grown.

The Japanese have perfected the art of growing phalaenopsis orchids in golden sphagnum moss. However the availability of golden sphagnum moss for orchid production on a commercial basis has always been limited. Japan used to have home grown sphagnum moss available but over time this has been picked out and never recovered in commercial quantities.

During the time Japan invaded Korea and parts of China sphagnum moss was available from these areas but after the Korean war in 1954 these areas became unavailable.

During the late 1970’s and early 1980’s golden sphagnum moss was found in New Zealand and the industry flourished exporting mainly to Japan. Golden sphagnum moss was also found in Chile during the mid 1980’s and the Chilean golden sphagnum moss industry became established soon after.

Now Chile is a recognised supplier of quality golden sphagnum moss for orchid production and exports to many countries throughout the world. Costs of production in Chile are very competitive and therefore golden sphagnum moss produced by Los Volcanes Chile Ltda is a very cost effective orchid growing medium.

Los Volcanes Chile Ltda have a long history of producing a very stable attractively presented golden sphagnum moss of the highest quality suitable for orchid production.

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