orchids and sphagnum moss

#2: Uses for sphagnum moss

Golden Sphagnum Moss LEAF for Sphagnum Peat based Soil Mixes

Sphagnum moss leafLos Volcanes Chile Ltda have discovered that the addition of golden sphagnum moss LEAF (Click for picture.) to sphagnum peat based soil mixes greatly improves the characteristics of the soil mix.

The addition of up to 40% by volume of golden sphagnum moss LEAF to peat based soil mixes helps to prevent the tendency of the peat moss to compact, increases the friability of the mix, increases the water holding capacity of the mix, which reducing the need to irrigate so frequently.

Home users. We can now supply you small quantities of moss leaf for your home and hobby plantings.

All these benefits improve the growth rates of most seedlings including vegetable and baby orchid plants as well as reducing the per cubic metre costs of the growing mix and the overall production costs.

Golden sphagnum moss LEAF can hold up to 20 times it own weight in water which allows the seedlings access to water without causing excessive watering, or wet feet, to damage the seedlings. Golden sphagnum moss LEAF is also a naturally sterile medium so it has a natural tendency to suppress bacteria diseases and improves seedling health.

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