orchids and sphagnum moss

#5: Uses for sphagnum moss

How to Use Our New "Starter Squares"

These STARTER SQUARES usually are supplied in small Square or Rectangular Shapes, measuring 3 x 4 cm or 4 x 4 cm, and with a thickness of only 2 Millimeters.!

They are very popular with Orchid Growers who take Baby Orchids from the Propagation Flasks and place directly into small plastic trays (50 or 72 cells per tray).

They find their TIME is reduced, they use a STANDARD AMOUNT OF Sphagnum Moss in each cell, and in the long run, their IRRIGATION PROGRAM is enhanced because all cells have nearly the same amount of Sphagnum Moss! This gives them MORE FLEXIBILITY with their workforce and ELIMINATES ERRORS in planting technique. PLANT HEALTH os better, GROWTH RATES are improved and SURVIVAL is higher!

By the way, we can make these Compressed SQUARES in any size you wish, to meet your particular Cell Size and/or planting program. Just give us your details and let us find the right size and weight for you!

To plant the Baby Orchids, remove 2 STARTER SQUARES from their Pack, and consider them as the “bread” in a sandwich. Then remove a Baby Orchid and hold it between the Squares at the proper level, so that when the Sphagnum Moss later expands, the root system is enclosed by the Sphagnum Moss.

Then, with 2 fingers, hold and dip the “sandwich” into warm water for 3 seconds, and then immediately place into the Planting Cell Tray, and maintain the proper position for another few seconds while the Sphagnum Moss expands.

It’s as simple as that!

A short time of practice will allow your employees to become “expert” in this technique. We have many Orchid Specialists who are happy with this product ask us for references!

Finally, since they are so Compact, we can easily ship to you in small quantities, by Air Express, direct from Chile. Click to order.