orchids and sphagnum moss

Our Sphagnum Moss is used worldwide in new and striking ways.

Our innovative uses for Sphagnum Moss

Six ways you can use our sphagnum moss

Sphagnum moss starter squares. Innovation.Los Volcanes Chile Ltda are committed to satisfying our customers requirements.

This policy of wanting and needing our clients to succeed has lead to the successful diversification of how our golden sphagnum moss is currently used.

Originally sphagnum moss was used by the Chinese to grow orchids.

During the First World War it was reportedly used as a substitute bandage dressing on wounded soldiers where the naturally sterile nature of the sphagnum moss assisted the healing process.

More recently the orchid industry world wide has re-discovered the benefits of sphagnum moss.

Los Volcanes has adapted the packaging and presentation of its golden sphagnum moss so that it is now much more economically efficient to use in a wide range of horticultural end uses, not just orchid production.

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See below for six more intriguing end uses for Los Volcanes' golden sphagnum moss.